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  • family character and respectful interaction
  • state-approved school with the curriculum of the canton Basel-Landschaft
  • small classes and individual supervision
  • Free electives
  • a successful school in Liestal for more than 25 years
  • Successful school graduation and connection to continuing schools

What we offer

Monday and Thursday

1st and 2nd Kindergarten

1st – 6th grade

Homeschooling model

A, E and P

Tuesday and Thursday



Any unanswered questions? Then do not hesitate and contact our secretariat at:

061 922 21 20 or info@unica-schule.ch

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  • Thursday, 07 December: Advent celebration from 16.30 – 19.30 (for primary school / optional for secondary school)
  • 23.12.2023 – 07.01.2024: Christmas holidays


  • MO – FR, 22 – 26 January: Ski camp from 6th grade and older


      • 10 – 26 February 2024: Fasnacht holidays


      • Monday, 11 March: Field trip day
      • Friday, 21 March: Easter celebration

      Latest news


      Wednesday, 25 – Friday, 27 October 2023

      The “project week” is divided into three “project days”. The pupils are allowed to choose their projects and the groups are mixed in age.

      The 5th – 9th graders were able to select their programme for Wednesday to Friday from the following offers:

      Visit the Apple Store and control a robot, bake a Bible cake, paint the walls in the 7th grade classroom, explore the zoo in Basel, travel to Zurich airport, make batik, create your own paper in the paper mill, visit the synagogue in Basel, enter a nuclear power plant or a river power station. Class, explore the zoo in Basel, travel to Zurich airport, make batik, make your own paper in the paper mill, visit the synagogue in Basel, enter a nuclear power plant or a river power plant, see the underground waterfall in the Tschamber cave, learn at the recycling centre, that a car can be compressed to the size of a fist within 40 seconds, delve into books in the library, explore the harbour museum, taste salt in the salt works, experience water treatment up close or marvel at the old automata in the music automaton museum.

      A separate programme was organised for the younger children.

      On Wednesday, we went to the paramedics or to the animal park in Liestal.

      On Thursday, the 1st – 4th class visited what is probably the most beautiful police station in the region. The children were allowed to try on the heavy protective waistcoats, see the inside of a police car, see the forensic kit in action and were treated to sweets and chocolate bars.

      On Friday, after the start with God, there were four posts in the school building. From making mushrooms and baking apple rings to playing games and learning the ukulele, there was something for every child.

      Photos of these project days are available for parents in the internal area.

      Elephant “Elmar” in the kindergarten

      Friday, 29 September 2023

      Elmar is a very special elephant: he is not a bit elephant-coloured, but colourfully chequered and experiences lots of exciting things. Elmar is different – and that’s a good thing! He has a solution to every problem and overcomes every adventure with courage, openness and the help of his friends.

      The kindergarten children not only got to know the colourful elephant, but also learned lots of interesting facts about it.

      How big is a molar? As big as a brick. They were allowed to trace it and make an entry in their “elephant book”.

      They have been busy pasting, sticking and painting their Elmar. These colourful elephants turned out beautifully!

      As a sweet finale, elephants were baked and with full pockets, it was off to the autumn holidays.

      NMG topic ” grain” in the 3rd/4th grade

      Thursday, 18 September 2023

      Hafer, Gerste, Roggen, Weizen, Mais … würdest du die verschiedenen Getreidesorten auf dem Feld erkennen können?

      Pupils in year 3 and 4 deal with the topic of cereals and are now experts in it. They were allowed to cook a dish for each type of grain in class.. Porridge was cooked from oats, for example, or a delicious barley soup was made from barley.

      The class visited a mill and a bakery, examined ears of corn and held two successful popcorn sales. With the money earned, the children can afford a class experience!

      Baking bread like in Roman times

      Friday, 8 September 2023

      Salvete, lectores carissimi. Panem pistrinum visitamus Augustae Rauricae.

      Greetings, dear readers. Wir begleiten die Schüler in die Brotbackstube in Augusta Raurica.

      What a privilege to be so close to a significant historical site and to be able to attend workshops there!

      As part of their lessons, the 5th/6th graders were allowed to bake bread as they did in Roman times. The grain was ground with a millstone, processed and baked in a wood-fired oven. The bread tasted excellent!

      “Voll in Ordnung” ist unser Jahresmotto im Schuljahr 23/24.

      Donnerstag, 21. August 2023

      Das Thema “Ordnung” begegnet uns täglich: sei dies in der Garderobe, bei der Organisation unserer Aufgaben oder aber auch in unserem persönlichen Befinden.

      Ganz am Anfang in der Bibel hat Gott Ordnung geschaffen. Darum denken wir, dass wir ebenfalls ein Jahr lang bewusst “Ordnung” machen wollen. Angefangen haben wir damit, dass wir alte Dinge entsorgen, aufräumen, ausmisten und putzen.

      Am Putzfest im September haben Eltern, Kinder und Lehrpersonen einen Morgen lang geputzt und geflickt, um das Schulhaus in Ordnung zu bringen. VIELEN HERZLICHEN DANK!

      An einem Montag gab es einen “Unordnungs-Tag”. Da kamen die Lehrpersonen zu spät, tranken Süssgetränke oder erschienen in Socken, es wurde nur gespielt und die Sekretärin kam herein, um Filme zu zeigen. Da wurde den Schülerinnen und Schüler klar, dass “Voll in Ordnung” helfen kann.

      Ordnung hat viele Vorteile. Erstens hilft sie dabei, den Überblick zu behalten und Zeit zu sparen. Zweitens reduziert sie Stress und fördert das Wohlbefinden. Drittens kann Ordnung dazu beitragen, effektiver zu arbeiten und produktiver zu sein. Viertens kann sie helfen, Geld zu sparen, da man Dinge nicht doppelt kauft. Und schliesslich kann Ordnung auch dazu beitragen, positive Beziehungen zu anderen zu fördern, da man zuverlässiger und verantwortungsbewusster erscheint.

      Preparations before the start of school

      Thursday, 10 August 2023

      We are back from the summer break.
      Before the school year starts, many things are being prepared in the background. We would like to take you with us into this preparation time.

      The letterbox was eagerly emptied every day during the last few weeks of the holidays. Is there any mail for me from my teacher?
      Finally – a thick envelope with the name of the kindergarten child was in the pile! It was opened with great joy. It contained a nice letter, stickers and a craft.
      Now the excitement is even greater! How many more days? How many more times do I have to sleep until kindergarten starts?


      In the last week before school started, the teachers met for a joint start. A lot of information was communicated, projects were planned, supervision of breaks was arranged, exchanges and agreements were made. A joint photo was not to be missed so that the current faces could be seen on the website. Unfortunately, a few people were missing. We hope that we will soon be able to take a photo of the whole team.
      Our board also addressed a few words to us and acknowledged the jubilarians! There are teachers who have actually been with us for over 20 years!
      In the evening there was a really nice dinner!


      The rooms are now arranged and the loving welcome gifts are laid out on the desks. Will the chocolate melt in these temperatures?
      The teachers have sorted all the necessary school materials such as books and exercise books and have written them down for the students. They should feel comfortable and welcome.

      Now it can start! We are very much looking forward to the new school year!

      School year 22/23

      Primary graduation ceremony

      Thursday, 29 June 2023

      Time to say…
      see you soon in secondary school!
      Fortunately, it is not “time to say goodbye”, because these pupils change rooms in the school building and can be found again as secondary school pupils in the corridors and at break times.
      We sang together, watched a photo review and heard an exciting story about the gratitude jar.
      Children’s photos gave us clues as to which pupil was now being said goodbye to.
      Mrs Roth was also bidden farewell, as well as those pupils who were leaving the school because they had moved.

      Final trip to Lausanne

      Monday, 19 June – Friday, 23 June 2023

      Finally, the 9th grade went on a trip to the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

      The trip took us first to Lausanne, where we visited the aquarium and attended the Fête de la Musique. We also went bowling and enjoyed the beautiful sandy beach. We spent the night at the campsite.

      Afterwards we went on to Geneva, where we visited the impressive cathedral, took a boat trip and shopped extensively.

      In Payerne, we explored the town, did a fountain puzzle and had a lot of fun driving go-karts and in the rope park.

      Culinary wise we were spoiled with BBQ, fajitas, curry rice and baguette for breakfast. On the last day we enjoyed croissants and pain au chocolat.

      The graduation trip was an unforgettable experience and a great way to end our school years.

      Sports Day 2023

      Tuesday, 27 June 2023

      This year the students were divided into three groups and three separate events took place.


      The high school students first competed in a volleyball tournament indoors. After the 10am recess, they completed sprint, 5x 500m relay and 1200m run on the Gitterliareal. As a reward and to relax, we went to the Gitterli pool afterwards.


      Together with Mrs Mazacek and a few helpers, the 5th/6th class took part in an orienteering run in the direction of Lausen. The electronic orienteering posts were special. At the finish line, the results could be compared: Who took how long from one post to the next? Then there was a chance to cool off in the Gitterli pool.


      The kindergarten children and the 1st – 4th grade hiked together to the forest on the Sichtern. A helpful father prepared the fire and was waiting for us. In mixed age groups, the children could solve tasks at 6 posts: Hit the target, hide and seek, make a fire, run a course, find trees and do a forest object memory.
      As a finale, there was a robber-cop terrain game and then everyone enjoyed lunch from the fire.
      It was impressive to see how well the children worked together and supported each other and how everyone played a part in the victory.

      June Field Trip

      Tuesday, 20 June 2023

      While the older pupils were on graduation trips, the primary children went on trips in the region.

      So the 3rd/4th grade were drawn to the new home of “their” chicks. They just saved themselves from the storm to the Waldenburgerli. At the farm they had a happy reunion and now they know that the chicks are doing well.

      The kindergarten and the 1st/2nd grade travelled to Lampenberg and hiked via Ramlinsburg to the forest nature trail. And really: they saw exciting animals and plants! They were even allowed to examine a slow worm more closely. They even had an ice cream and enjoyed their time in the forest.

      Do you also like to receive letters? Letters with personal content?

      Tuesday, 13 June 2023

      Every kindergarten child has his or her own letterbox by his or her chair. Friends, parents, godmothers and godfathers, aunts and uncles send daily letters, cards or parcels to the kindergarten. The children are very happy when they receive a parcel. The post is opened in the chair-circle and read aloud. Of course, the letters are also answered – the kindergarten children each write a reply letter.

      A post office counter was opened in the kindergarten. You can hand in letters there. These are stamped and you can choose whether the mail should travel slowly like a tortoise or quickly like a rabbit.

      This week there was a great surprise: A very large package was delivered. Just wonder what was in it? Among other things, one family sent the kindergarten handicraft supplies and a beautiful sun balloon.

      If you would like to send something to the kindergarten or a kindergarten child: Simply address it with “Kindergarten” or the child’s name, UNICA School, Sigmundstrasse 1, 4410 Liestal. Thank you very much!

      School Festival – Open Classroom Day

      Friday, 26 May 2023

      Grateful and happy we look back on the school festival. It was a very nice festival with great weather and many guests. Sometimes it felt like a mixture of family party, class reunion and birthday. There were two bouncy castles, balloons, barbecues and much more. You sat together with your family at a decorated banquet bench, ate a veggie burger and watched the choir performance. You met your former school friends, shared exciting news and solved an Escape Room. Interested parents came by, got a taste of UNICA and met the staff.
      The students proudly displayed their offerings and the graduating class earned their final trip with coffee, cake, frozen yoghurt and pancakes.
      Most of the visitors would have liked to stay longer, but unfortunately everything had to be dismantled at 8 pm and the bouncy castles were deflated. This went super fast thanks to the energetic help of parents and friends.
      We would like to thank Mineralquellen Eptingen AG for sponsoring sunshades, refrigerators and drinks.
      A big thank you to everyone who helped out, baked something or took a shift at a stall and to everyone who came by!

      What has happened so far at UNICA School in the school year 2022/2023 can be read here

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