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  • family character and respectful interaction
  • state-approved school with the curriculum of the canton Basel-Landschaft
  • small classes and individual supervision
  • a successful school in Liestal for more than 25 years
  • Successful school graduation and connection to continuing schools

What we offer

Leistungszug A

(Allgemeine Anforderungen)

Leistungszug E

(Erweiterte Anforderungen)

Leistungszug P

(Progymnasiale Anforderungen)

1st – 6th grade

Homeschooling model

for kindergarten – 6th grade

Homeschooling model

for the 7th and 8th grade

1st and 2nd Kindergarten

Monday and Thursday

Tuesday and Thursday



Any unanswered questions? Then do not hesitate and contact our secretariat at:

061 922 21 20 or info@unica-schule.ch

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    • Freitag, 31. Mai: Schulfest – es sind alle herzlich willkommen!


      • 17 – 21 June: Secondary school trips and camp week
      • Tuesday, 25 June: Sports day
      • Friday, 28 June: start of summer holidays until Sunday, 11 August

      Latest news

      The kindergarten was on the Bee Trail

      Tuesday, 30 April 2024

      In wonderful weather, the children travelled to the honey trail in Rünenberg under the guidance of Mrs Reyes.

      At the 12 stations along the way, the children learnt and experienced interesting and interesting information about honey.

      They have already learnt a lot about bees in kindergarten. They were then able to expand and deepen their knowledge of honey with the help of interactive stations.

      They took a break at the fire pit next to the ‘honey extractor’ and made a fire.

      They arrived back at school happy and satisfied.

      ‘Dear Year 5, we have to go to the police today.’

      Monday, 29 April 2024

      Because the bike test is coming up for year 5. Oder in korrektem Deutsch: die “Fahrrad-Prüfung”.

      The practical traffic training is not a test in the conventional sense. During two lessons, traffic signals, turning left, the various rules of right of way, in particular the right of way and blind spots, are discussed and looked at on the road.

      Unterwegs ertappte die Polizei eine Person, die ihren Abfall liegen liess, auf frischer Tat. The police officer confronted the person. A scooter driver driving the wrong way and a driver using a mobile phone were also reprimanded. The pupils found this super exciting.

      Projekttage zum Thema “Schweizer Reise”

      23. – 24. April 2024

      Kennen Sie das Gesellschaftsspiel “Schweizer Reise”? Genau dieses Spiel spielten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 1. – 9. Klasse in Echtzeit.

      Die Sekundar war mit dem Zug kreuz und quer durch die Schweiz unterwegs. Auf den Spuren von Niklaus von Flüe führte es die 7. Klasse auf die Flüeli-Ranft.

      Die 8. Klasse beschäftigte sich mit dem Thema “Kunst” und reisten nach Bern, Zürich und Luzern. Welche Schweizer Künstler kennen Sie?

      Die 9. Klasse war unterwegs zum Thema “Erfindungen”. Sie fuhr nach Zürich und Neuchâtel.

      Die jüngeren Kinder spielten das Spiel im Schulhaus. Wer genügend Punkte erreicht hat, durfte die Städte im Schulhaus suchen und Posten absolvieren. Die Gruppen waren altersdurchmischt.

      Am zweiten Projekttag berichteten alle Klassen, was sie gelernt und erlebt haben. Ein gesundes “Schwiizer” Znüni durfte im Anschluss nicht fehlen.

      Learn vocabulary unconventionally

      Thursday, 11 April

      Have you ever wanted to burn the verb leaf? This is exactly what the pupils in the Flex class were allowed to do. The French word was written on a small piece of paper, corrected and if everything was correct, it was burnt in a bowl. That’s right, burnt. At home, some of them continued to learn the words in this way.


      Friday, 22 March 2024
      The entrance to the assembly hall was decorated with palm branches – not quite as pompous as in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, but at least a small foretaste.
      Jesus and his disciples sat together at the Passover meal and told each other the story of how the Israelites had experienced the exodus from Egypt. It was bitter and there were tears. To symbolise this, the pupils were allowed to dip bitter herbs in salt and eat them.
      The 5th/6th graders read the appropriate Bible passages to pictures of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and on to his death on the cross.
      But it goes on. The teachers used theatre to tell the story of what the women must have seen and experienced at the grave. JESUS IS RISEN!
      Songs and personal stories rounded off the Easter celebrations. Hard-working parents had packed bags of chocolate eggs, delicious bread rolls and an Easter greeting in the background and hidden them in the classrooms.


      In the 5th/6th grade art classes, the pupils prepared bags for Easter. The bags were later filled and distributed around the school building.

      The children created stencils with Easter motifs in their art and design lessons. The bags were then designed using foam rollers. Stencilling helped to ensure that the large number of bags could be produced quickly.

      The last picture shows the filled bag at Easter.


      Monday, 11 March 2024

      It’s always great to spend time in nature with the pupils.

      The 5th/6th class travelled to the ruins in Füllinsdorf, climbed the old walls and enjoyed their time together.

      The Flex class travelled to Augusta Raurica. We started at the zoo and then went to the Römerhaus. The pupils had fun dressing up and solving the puzzles.

      The kindergarten children and the 1st and 2nd graders hiked together to the big green bench. There was stick bread, games and exercises in the forest.

      The 8th/9th secondary A class travelled to Muttenz and admired the special cars in the Pantheon.

      Year 3 and 4 had plenty of time to get creative: they made Easter nests and baked plaited animals. What a wonderful smell in the school building!

      Year 3 and 4 had plenty of time to get creative: they made Easter nests and baked plaited animals. What a wonderful smell in the school building!


      Monday, 26 February 2024

      Just in time for the start of spring, the kindergarten children finish the winter theme.

      They baked, crafted, glued, moulded and laid snowmen.


      Monday, 22nd – Friday, 26th January 2024

      As an alternative to the ski camp, there was a varied programme for those pupils who stayed at school.

      One day we went to the ice rink. On another day, they went to Play4you. There is a huge range of games on offer and experts demonstrate various exercises.

      At the branch, the pupils learnt what it takes to make fresh pasta. “From chicken to pasta” was the topic. The reward was a festive meal with homemade pasta.

      SKI CAMP (6th – 9th grade)

      Monday, 22nd – Friday, 26th January 2024

      With fantastic weather and good camp food, the students in grades 6 – 9 spent an eventful ski camp in Saas-Grund.

      Night sledging, board games, inputs and a night orienteering event were also on the programme.

      A few students from the Prisma schools in Riehen also joined the camp.

      ADVENT CELEBRATION (primary school)

      Thursday, 7 December 2023

      At our Advent event at the beginning of December, the school building resembled a walk-through Advent calendar. There was a Christmas-themed station in almost every room. You could make angels or lanterns, decorate gingerbread Christmas trees or take part in the Christmas carol kahoot.

      What would an Advent celebration be without food? Not quite the same. Visitors were able to enjoy punch, Gutzi, chestnuts and hot dogs.

      The choir performed Christmas carols and a story was told.

      But that wasn’t all there was to do: In the 5th/6th grade room, there was a large selection of Christmas cards that could be designed, and stars were folded in the drawing room.

      There was an idyllic lantern trail around the school building and colouring pictures and books in the assembly hall.

      It was so wonderful to see parents going from post to post with their children and enjoying the time together. There were also some secondary school students who helped out at one of the posts.

      At the very end, we sang a Christmas carol together in the schoolyard.

      It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the community in the school and share the anticipation of Christmas.

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