Unica Flex

The flexible school model for kindergarten to 6th grade

School at home (homeschooling) and school on site at Unica.

This school model was examined by the AVS (Office for Elementary Schools) and approved for an unlimited period.


On Wednesday and Friday, the students learn at an external learning location (homeschooling). The material for this is provided by the UNICA school.

It is important that the children are accompanied and supported by someone. This person is in communication with the teachers of the UNICA school.

The workplace at home must be adapted to the child.

There are regular “digital” time slots for each family to ask questions about the assignments.


On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, the pupils attend classes at the school.

School start: 8.10 a.m.

Classes end at 2:55 p.m. at the latest (may vary, depending on the school level)

No classes during the Ferien des Kanton BL

Other days off can be found in the annual schedule.

The UnicaFlex class is a separate class and complements our regular school program.

The class is taught and supervised by certified teachers.

The majority (51%) of lessons are covered at the school.

Certain subjects can be attended in a regular class at the UNICA school.


Every one to two months, the class plans an experience outside of the school building. These can be hikes and exhibition visits (Museum of Transport Lucerne) or projects such as glassblowing, forest excursions, robotics, Lego building and much more.

Once or twice a year, we conduct a project week as a whole school. During this week, the students are free to choose the workshops and gain new experiences and insights outside of their usual class group.


We have smaller classes, which allows individual attention.

The class is multi-level. We divide into a kindergarten class, a younger class (1st-3rd grade) and the older students (4th-6th grade).

Each class has its own class teacher.

There will be group sequences where the whole class (1st-6th grade) will be together.

This model perfectly fits our lifestyle. We can invest in our children and tackle projects that the children are very interested in right now.

Parents (1st & 4th grade)


This school model covers all subjects in Curriculum 21. The learning material is acquired at the school and at home. They receive the material from the school.

All subjects are offered in the school. The in-depth study and the exercises for it will be done at home.

The UNICA School takes care of the learning assessments, the review of learning progress and the evaluation at the end of each semester.


Contact our office for financing options.

Here are the tariff regulations for the Flex model.

Neu ab Sommer 2024 auch auf der Sekundarstufe

Auf das neue Schuljar starten wir mit dem Flex-Modell für die 7. und 8. Klasse.

You can find the information here:


  • For families who value time together with their children and who see learning as a process that also happens outside of school.
  • For parents who are interested in educational topics and want to and are able to invest more in their children’s education.
  • For children who can work independently and want to learn


school at home

on your own NMG project at home

Bridge subject

Learning site

School can take place anywhere

also on the road

a classroom

bright room with a gallery

Field trips

about 1x a month


one child has taken an experiment and is now showing it to the whole class

Projects and presentations

in the whole Flex class

Physical Education

with the other regular classes

Mathematics you can touch

creative and multilevel lessons


Thank you for your interest in our school model!

We would like to invite you together with your child to a non-binding meeting with the school management or the project management. School entry is possible at any time.

Any unanswered questions? Then don’t hesitate and contact our project manager Nicole Wyss (061 922 21 20 or nicole.wyss@unica-schule.ch).

Since space in this class is limited, we will fill the class as registrations are received.

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