So einzigartig wie ihr Kind.


  • small classes and individual supervision
  • neues Homeschooling Modell
  • state-approved school with the curriculum of the canton Basel-Landschaft


  • family character and respectful interaction
  • Free electives


  • Successful school graduation and connection to continuing schools


Monday and Thursday

1. und 2. Kindergarten

1. – 6. Primar

Homeschooling Modell

Sekundar A, E und P

Tuesday and Thursday


Any unanswered questions? Then do not hesitate to contact our secretary at: 061 922 21 20 or info@unica-schule.ch.

9 + 14 =


June 2023

  • School trips and camp week secondary school (19-23 June)
  • Tuesday, 27 June: Sports Day
  • Thursday, 29 June: School closing ceremony primary and high school (parents of graduating classes are invited)
  • Friday, 30 June: Start of summer holidays until Sunday, 13.08.

Schulferien Basel-Land


School Festival – Open Classroom Day

Friday, 26 May 2023

Grateful and happy we look back on the school festival. It was a very nice festival with great weather and many guests. Sometimes it felt like a mixture of family party, class reunion and birthday. There were two bouncy castles, balloons, barbecues and much more. You sat together with your family at a decorated banquet bench, ate a veggie burger and watched the choir performance. You met your former school friends, shared exciting news and solved an Escape Room. Interested parents came by, got a taste of UNICA and met the staff.
The students proudly displayed their offerings and the graduating class earned their final trip with coffee, cake, frozen yoghurt and pancakes.
Most of the visitors would have liked to stay longer, but unfortunately everything had to be dismantled at 8 pm and the bouncy castles were deflated. This went super fast thanks to the energetic help of parents and friends.
Wir bedanken uns bei Mineralquellen Eptingen AG für das Sponsoring von Sonnenschirmen, Kühlschränken und Getränken.
A big thank you to everyone who helped out, baked something or took a shift at a stall and to everyone who came by!

Mother’s Day

Sunday, 14 May 2023

In the kindergarten, they have been busy making Mother’s Day gifts.

They painted collected cans, filled them with soil and sowed cress seeds. The children were excited to see how the cresses grew.
The children made a flower out of muffin cups and stuck it into the “cress garden”. In addition, there was a lovingly designed book for the mummy.

We wish all mums a happy Mother’s Day.

A special trip to Paris

Friday 5 May – Monday 8 May 2023

The French Plus students spend exciting days in the capital of France.
This was made possible by the French teacher. She organised and planned the trip. On site, they meet a former pupil of UNICA who is now studying in Paris and visit the attractions.

The “Camouflage” Hand

April 2023

These works of art are well worth seeing. 🙂
These works were produced in two steps. First, design the patterns and put them on the sheet with watercolour. In the process, the pupils did not yet know what they would need it for.
A week later, the second step was to put my hand on it and paint it deceptively real. It turned out great!

Solar ship

April 2023

The NMG topic “Electricity” is finished and as a grand finale the pupils were allowed to build a solar ship.
Primeo offers workshops for schools.
The pupils were allowed to assemble their personal and individual ships, choose the colours, add details and of course the technical facts were explained to them.

Traffic instruction in the kindergarten

April 2023

The children have been looking forward to this day with the officer for a long time! Finally, the officer arrived. He was accompanied by the little zebra. The zebra showed the children how to cross the road properly. First, they were shown how to walk safely on the pavement and how to cross the road with “wait, look, listen, walk and look again” and practised with them.
Afterwards, what was learned was practised outside on the zebra crossing.

What has happened so far at UNICA School in the school year 2022/2023 can be read here

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