Secondary A


‘Even though I was at A level, nothing stopped me from completing a good education and pursuing my career opportunities.’

Former student

LEVEL A (General requirements)

Level A aims to encourage young people to perform well by fostering and supporting strengths and weaknesses according to their talents. The young people are comprehensively prepared for an apprenticeship in terms of character and intellect and receive intensive support when choosing a career. Practice-orientated teaching and good cooperation with companies/apprenticeship companies are the ideal preparation for the professional world and also open up opportunities for more demanding apprenticeships.


Monday – Friday

School start: 8.10 a.m.

End of school: depending on timetable

“After nine years at school, I moved to UNICA – it quickly became like a second home to me. My self-esteem and self-confidence improved completely there.”

Former student


After primary school, the new world of upper school opens up. An intensive phase of life full of challenges and opportunities begins. At our Upper School, each child is accompanied by a personal coach and receives individual support.

The child receives a well-founded school education and can learn in an appreciative environment in order to further develop his or her personal potential.

Admission requirements and content correspond to those of the public school in the canton of BL.


We have smaller classes, which allows individual attention.

Some of the classes are multi-level.

“The teachers at UNICA saw where we were as A students and picked us up right there. Interests were awakened and encouraged.”

Former student


Every one to two months, the class plans an experience outside of the school building. This can be hiking, visiting exhibits, building a raft, exploring the forest, building a Lego city, inventing a robotics course, or other special outside projects.

Once or twice a year we organise a project week. During this week, the students are free to choose the workshops and gain new experiences and insights outside of their usual class group.


The ski camp is an offer for our students from the 6th grade. But also for those who don’t like it so “cool”, there is a varied offer within the framework of a project week in the school building.

Class camp during the spring and summer months builds community and provides learning spaces outside of the school day.


The prices can be found under “Tariff Regulations“. Or simply contact our office for funding options.

There are reduced school fees for siblings.

“Smaller classes allow teachers to spend more time with the pupils. That was a great help for me.”

Former student

Insight into everyday school life


hell, geräumig und individuell dekoriert

Field trips

wie hier eine Nachtwanderung

Fine arts

unter der fachkundigen Leitung

Project days

Inline fahren im Stedtli


die auch nach der Schulzeit noch anhalten

zusammen unterwegs sein

in der Schule, im Winterlager oder auf der Abschlussreise

Thank you for your interest in our school!

We would like to invite you together with your child to a non-binding introductory talk with the school management. After consultation, your child can attend our classes for 3 to 5 trial days. Your child can start school at any time, but it is advisable to do so at the beginning of the school year. Do you still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 061 922 21 20 or

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