Mission statement


UNICA comes from Latin and means unique.

We are a state-approved private school,

  • – based on Christian values and guided by the biblical message, but open to children regardless of worldview or background;
  • – where parents and teachers work together for the well-being of the children and the school community;
  • – which has set itself the goal of guiding young people to a meaningful and responsible life.



UNICA is the place of diverse learning,

  • – where the joy of learning is awakened in an atmosphere of appreciation, and where students are taught to know and expand their own potential;
  • – where lessons are varied and students are encouraged to tackle their problems and weaknesses;
  • – which accompanies young people in the confrontation with different world views and social issues and promotes their ability to form their own opinions and to represent them.


UNICA is a school for life,

  • – where self-esteem, social competence and good manners are fostered;
  • – where personal responsibility and motivation are rewarded;
  • – where students are prepared for their future tasks in work, society and family.
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