Secondary school

We offer the secondary school in four programmes:

A (general requirements) focuses on training for an apprenticeship.

From the school year 24/25, we will also be offering the Flex model (homeschooling) at secondary level (Year 7 and 8). In close co-operation with parents, pupils spend some of their school time at school and at home.

The E course (extended requirements) prepares students for an apprenticeship, a Berufsmatura, a Fachmatura and other secondary schools, as well as for a possible transfer to a Gymnasium.

The P track (Progymnasiale Anforderungen) lays the foundation for a pathway to the gymnasiale Matura, a Fachmatura or a Berufsmatura.


Experience shows that the transfer to secondary schools is unproblematic. Many of our school leavers successfully complete the Gymnasium, the Fachmittelschule or the Wirtschaftsmittelschule.

Those who have opted for an apprenticeship find a suitable apprenticeship with a high success rate.

Transfer to a state school is guaranteed.

The diagram shows which path our graduates take after completing their 9th grade. (2021 to 2023)

Thank you for your interest in our school!

We would like to invite you together with your child to a non-binding introductory talk with the school management. After consultation, your child can attend our classes for 3 to 5 trial days. Your child can start school at any time, but it is advisable to do so at the beginning of the school year. Do you still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 061 922 21 20 or

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